Saturday, 12 December 2009

Chain Reaction Rule Test 1

I'll be running a little skirmish game tomorrow to playtest the Chain Reaction 3.0 rules available from Two Hour Wargames as a free download.

I'm just reading through the rule set now and making a few notes, trying to a get a better idea of the game mechanics. I'll be using the few painted figures I have along with the unpainted ones I have on the painting table (probably a 12 man skirmish). I'll take a few photos and provide some kind of battle report.

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whisperin' al said...

Whilst the CR3.0 rules are laid out better than some of the previous incarnations they can be a bit confusing at first. I found it took a bit of time to "get" the core reaction concept but once I had got it I found they produced great feeling game for me.

Two Hour Wargames introduced a couple of changes in the v3.0 rules that I'm not entirely sold on - in a couple of cases it means making more dice rolls for little apparent benefit.

They are written around the idea of having variable Reps within a unit and so it is better to start small. For larger games we tend to go with a single Rep per unit to ease bookkeeping and use some of the v2.0 rules to speed things up. All this is pretty easy to do once you've got the basic concepts though.