Saturday, 28 November 2009

This is my first finished figure. I've used the Army Painter technique by brushing it lightly over the surface of the model. The photo was taken when he was drying still and still needs to be matte varnished and based. The project's been coming along quite slowly at the minute as i've had an awful lot of work to do but next week I should be able to really crack on with the rest of the unit (shown below) and get them finished and make a start on the workers!

I used a mixture of Vallejo and Foundry paints for this guy.

Vallejo: For the uniform I used US Field Drab (70873), for what i'd call the 'socks' I used German Camo Beige (70821) and for the webbing I used Iraquian Sand (70819).

Foundry: Flesh was Flesh (Light 5C), buttons and other shiny things were Burning Gold (44B), the gun and bayonet holder were Spearshaft (13B) and highlights on the black were Arctic Grey (33A).

The strength of Army Painter I used was 'Strong Tone'.


BigRedBat said...

He looks very nice; Gripping Beast?

Consul said...


They do the best range for this period I feel but the figures are slightly smaller than others. I will do a comparison between my Copplestone sailors for this period and my Artizan Brit Paras with them soon as they are noticeably smaller.

I haven't bought from GB due to lack of photos.

BigRedBat said...

Should have recognised it!

I really do like some of the Muskateer stuff...

Consul said...

They've had a lot of problems recently, similar to that of BTD, with orders taking months to complete but the problems have been sorted out now and I received my order very quickly (although there was a mistake with it and emails to Musketeer have gone unanswered).

I have to recommend Copplestone though. My order with them arrived the next day!